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Pets in the garden

The table below outlines information relating to pets and Yates products.

Product Comments

Yates Blitzem

Observe pet’s behaviour – if pets start to take an interest in the pellets or start to eat them, remove the pellets or keep pets away from baited areas until the pellets have disintegrated, or put pellets in a pet proof bait station.

Yates Weed ’n’Feed Liquid hose-on

Keep pets off lawn until spray has dried. Grass can be grazed after a minimum of 7 days and one mowing. Remove clippings

Yates Zero Weedspray

Keep pets off lawn until spray has dried. Dogs and cats that chew grass cannot consume enough product to cause poisoning. Do not allow grazing of treated areas by rabbits and guinea pigs etc.


Some animals and birds are attracted to some fertilisers, both organic and inorganic, compound, single element (chelated iron), granular or slow release. Monitor pets behaviour around fertilised areas. Keep fertiliser bags tightly closed and out of reach of pets at all times. Keep pets off fertilised areas until after the fertiliser has been watered in. Watering should dissolve most of the fertiliser particles, or wash them into the lawn or soil so they are inaccessible. Extra care should be taken with chickens and granular fertilsers and dogs and organic fertilisers such as blood and bone to which they are highly attracted.