MORE transplanting, cold snap, sprouts and more.

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Garden in progress


yesterday I transplanted some more of my seedlings (leeks and cosmos) because they really needed more space and I am pretty sure that I have transplanted all of my seedlings into their final spots now.  I might plant some apple cucumbers as I have some that yates gave me from the mini-challenges (thanks!).  

I just noticed that the growing challenge finishes on the 9th of Dec which is actually really close!  I really pleased I took part this year, it has motivated me to do more in my garden.  I have more plants this year than I ever have before!

I was looking at my snow peas yesterday and I noticed that they are perking up a bit! I thought that they were completely dead but they have come back! They still aren’t they healthiest snow peas ever, but they’re better than they were.

It has been really cold recently!  Summer is meant to start in a couple of weeks and the weather is acting like its winter!  I am more of a winter person so I’m not complaining, but I hope my plants are okay.

I also noticed that there are some sprouts in the seed tray where I planted stevia a while ago.  They may just be weeds but I’m not pulling them out just in case.  

Mum is excited because my spinach plants are nearly ready and as a vegetarian, I go through alot of spinach. 

My tomato plants sprouted too, which I am very excited about!

Sorry if this post is a bit long,  I didn’t realise quite how much I had to say!

Happy gardening!

- Amelia  

Photo: my leek plants in their new location.