Time to make some changes to our set up

The Dixon Trio is talking about growing Beans, Chinese Cabbage, Kale, Peas from Otago

Garden in progress

We have been raising our seeds in our lounge room this Spring. We are getting mixed results. At first it was going really well. Now it is hard to keep the seed trays damp enough without wetting the wooden floor too much and also it’s hard to keep it really tidy and sometimes we trip over them when we are playing. 

I am going to do a big sort out today and try to put them all on a plastic mat and use less space.

We are also finding it hard to germinate the seeds in the egg cartons without the egg carton busting up. Next time I wont use the lids and I wont try to germinate big seeds in them like peas because the seed mix isnt deep enough. The kale and the chinese cabbage seeds are doing fine in the egg cartons though. :)

Our peas seedlings are too big but we are still getting some frosts so I am worried about planting them out. I will start to harden them off today (taking them outside for a few hours so they can get used to being outside).

I also need to find a climbing frame for them and set that up ready for when we plant them.

It’s a busy day gardening here!

from Alex